this is pretty much what i do, walk around, headphones on, and point my camera at useless shit. my friends love it, it takes bout an hour to get me across a parking lot and if someone starts to talk to me about useless stuff you can easily add another hour.


skater kid

phaidon papamichael
mark freeland
manos and jarvis


remember a while back you kept on seeing pictures of danae that i took? well now vbs, vice's tv found her and did a close up on her with the help of bjorn borg who by the way sent us a shitload of underwear and i was like, ok, nice, another gift from some company trying to kiss ass! but then!!! i tried them on !!!! fuck it man, seriously, the best underwear i ever put on. i kept on wondering, how did they get this shit so perfect, my balls feel good, my cock looks huge and my flabby fat rolls stay in place. shouldn't have doubted a man who ran around a tennis court with balls flying around all day long, he knows balls, i should've known! shoulda trusted.

check out danae guys, maybe if we all go and eat with her our flabby fat rolls won't have to stay into place and we can focus on our balls!!! (and huge cocks)



who the fuck needs photoshop when we've got retouchers like this all over athens. if you who did this could comment with your number or mail me or myspace me or anything i would really appreciate it cause i'm looking for a good retoucher!


ok i admit i'm a lazy motherfucker and i haven't posted shit for about 20 years cause, like i've said before, my life is terribly boring and other than being run over by a bus, my house flooding and me losing everything, being hit by a car and flying 50 meters in the air and landing on my head, vice magazine coming out, i'm the director of it alongside m hulot, i was waiting for those fucking anarchists to do something so i can feel some excitement! well; the anarchists pussied out this year and i was sitting there saying, " ok it's the 6th of december they are gonna go crazy" then it was the 7th and now, it's the 8th, i think, and all i got was this fucking vandal shit again.
fuck you!
much ado about nothing.
i guess they were right,
once you go black you never go back.
black block my ass.



this is sophia. we went to periscope, got a room and took some pictures. she's cool, funny and wise.



uh huh, yeah, yeah, uh huh, really?, you're kidding, and? are you fucking with me? uh huh, yeah, uh huh, i understand, uh huh, ok, and? holy shit you gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me! ok, yeah. uh huh, tight ass, uh huh, i feel you, ok! uh hu, and?
god dammit!


this is an actress i photographed last week. she's doing some power pose hand gesture thingy cause she's cool like that and i heard her talking to the journalist about therapy and um, she's gotten way further with her therapist than i did with mine before he started threatening me with lawsuits if i ever showed up again. anyway, therapy works if you know what you're doing. myrto played anastasia back in the day and if you grew up in early nineties athens and didn't have a fantasy about her you like meat. get it?


this is may, she's a theramin player. i photographed her for a magazine and then i saw the magazine and may looked like someone poored hot sauce on her face.


this guy was an opera singer, english teacher, some kind of doctor (i don't think dentist) and owns something like ten thousand dogs. for some reason i like hanging out with him way more than hanging out with most of my pretentious "friends".

ERECTIONS! sorry, i meant ELECTIONS!

ok my lazy ass hasn't posted anything about the elections but i was almost certain that this guy was going to win. as soon as the socialists won i was like "you've got to be kidding! what the fuck?" come on guys, we remember everything our ancient ancestors did, we claim we are of their genes yet we forget that shithead's dad fucked greece up way more than bush ever fucked up the u.s, and before all you communists freak out on my ass, trust me the u.s is still a functional country despite bush's ass rape, greece is more "fuckuall" than "functional". oh, that's m hulot between the guys legs. i don't know what he's doing there but i'm pretty sure the guy had his dick hanging out and was yelling "fuck you retards, suck my huge white cock, you deserve what's coming!!!"



ok, the title to this post is very queer but what i meant was that i photographed this musician from the record label heaven and as we were leaving the location we saw this cute little fucker trapped in this car, windows rolled up!!!!!!!!!! i think the driver stepped out for a few hours to get some fresh air. nice dog, u dick!



this is poka yio, he's an artist, he uses chocolate, i like chocolate.


doesn't this dude look like he could kick your ass. he's 98 and he's one of the coolest greek actors that i have ever met. every time that i have to photograph a useless celebrity actor i think to myself " you know what, i know lykourgo kallergis, he's 100 years old and can fuck your pussy ass up."


last year i got on a public bus to find interesting faces to photograph. i stayed on the bus until the early morning and actually found a shitload of people that were interesting subjects. the ride got me depressed so i kinda took the shoot in a mellodramatic direction but kept in touch with some of the people i met that night. these guys were going to an 80's rock club. this has never been my scene, never will be but it's kinda funny to look at in 2009.



well yesterday sucked! shoegazer died. but then there is HOPE. and here are some pictures of him.



i was lookin' thru my hard drives, makin' sure that all my pics are still on there, digital scares the shit out of me, that bits to bytes thing is kinda creepy, and so i came across a picture of sugah and oxocube from a session we did for a cypriot magazine, we never saw a hard copy and the magazine went bankrupt after that.


we went to andros on a secret mission for vice; you can read about it in november. after staying in shitty rooms by the port, eating shitty food near the port, drinking some super sweet shitty girl drinks across the port we realised that the "lonely planet" books are actually better sources of information than the "proud" locals who are basically there to ass fuck you.
i got this cool picture though so i guess i can't complain.



a while back i had to shoot a bunch of metal bands. i photographed the guys, they were all cool as shit, but i think that the people from the magazine were expecting the bands to look like megan fox.
well, as you can see, the guys didn't look like megan fox, or any of those super goodlookin guys from lost, so the story took about a year to run.
finally the pictures ran but by the time the pics were published the bands all had new records out. they had been calling me for pictures and wanted to use some of the pictures for publicity etc. and of course i kind of stopped answering my phones so obviously almost all of them hate me.

here are some of the less metal more fuzzy pictures of some of the bands.


this one's sorta close to my heart cause sex and the city is just such a cool show. it just hurts my feelings that some damn vandal would go and fuck with such a gem of popular culture. the shitty part of this vandalism is that anna vissi is going to make a guest appearance on the show, that's what i heard, and i was all excited cause i respect anna vissi soooooooooo much that i wonder,
i mean come on guys if we sabotage vissi and sommer what else does this country have?
oh, and if you didn't know, field, the shows stylist is greek, just like everything great on this planet; if you have ever been to greece or know a greek i'm sure that you are well aware that we started pretty much everything, no question bout it. we had the first computer back in the 00's, the before christ 00's i'm talking about and not the 2000 00's when computers are all trendy and shit.
yeah, so fuck you malakes.
it's been patricia field who is responsible for all the bitches we see walking around with oversized 3000 $ purses. yup, yet another greek, saving the world and the economy. think of this; if it weren't for sex and the city the black dudes you see runnin' from the cops with their immitation gucci, prada, tous etc., would be out of a job and if they don't have a job then those dicks you see chasing them down ermou wouldn't have a job either and then the whole greek economy would crumble. that sucks!
you know what's great though? have you ever seen one of those fat fuck cops tryin' to chase down one of those black men? it's funny. with some good drugs, and for god's sake I AM NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE DO DRUGS, unless absolutely neccesary, like if you're bored and want to watch unfit greek men tryin' to catch their breath, but, like i was sayin', with some good narcotics we have free entertainment and we can also realise how we contribute much more to this world than other countries give us credit for.




well pitsirikos came by today, told me i should post more shit, said he likes the blog; so i guess i'm gonna keep on postin', even though, my life is complete shit, chaotic and i'm the laziest fuck you're ever gonna meet and i don't read blogs myself and i hate seeing my stuff on the internet cause, for fucks sake, m hulot's monitor is so damn pink that it makes the people in my pictures look like pigs and that doesn't help cause, you know, i already have the reputation of the photographer who doesn't make people look good and cause you may already get that i'm kinda grammatically challenged and cause i'm computer challenged and cause i hated the way this thing looked initially so i cried til spyros v.j and m hulot fixed my damn blog the way i kinda wanted it so here is a picture of a model i photographed for BSB a while back and i have no idea why this pic is on my desktop.
oh and,

i'm just fuckin' with ya



we went to m hulot's house with some friends cause we wanted to shoot some naked stuff and my house is so crappy i'm too embarased to show it to people, and i have a cat with a broken back which shits and pisses all over the floor. anyway, everyone got naked, m hulot was off interviewing someone so we decided to tear up his apartment. ola pigan kalitera, argotera.

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