these are my three friends peio, anapiros and phivos. they are very tolerant with me and let me screw their house up for a photoshoot. (i think anapiros got super pissed off at some point, it was in between someone jumping up and down on his leather couch wearing heels and the 20th beer bottle breaking on the floor. i'm so sorry man.)




this is my buddy john, we grew up together getting into fucked up situations and listening to tons of music. here, if i can remember correctly, he was explaining some of darwin's theories on evolution to me but i just wasn't getting it so we said "fuck it, let's have another one."



with the way shit is going down these days it's not such a bad idea, while you're packing your lunch for work in the morning, to pack your shotgun just in case someone decides to fuck with you or your food. don't worry about the styling of the matter. there are several gun shops around where you can choose a nice looking rifle case. this gentleman went with your basic camouflage look but i think i saw this case in red, yellow, rust and turqoise.







so, it's the first day of the new year, damn! 2 more years and the world is over. 09 was strange but then again, welcome to my fucking life! i'm not gonna go on and be all nostalgic or make all these promises i will never keep cause i'm fucked up like that and i live in a total fictional world and rarely communicate with "the real world". instead, i'm gonna make some notes on little things i'm thinking of trying, or not, for the new year. here we go!
i will drink less coca cola, and that includes diet coke or coca cola light as they call it in greece. i'm gonna have to start 2moro on that one.
i will try and keep my nails clean. i know it's disgusting when you're eating with me and i pull up that sandwich to my face and my nails are all dirty and shit. sorry!
i will smoke everything less. it sucks that new years day is on friday this year cause i'm gonna have to start this on monday.
i'm gonna start being nicer to my friends. NO this doesn't meen i'm gonna start answering my phone, anyone who knows me knows that this is impossible, but i will start saying things like "hey, you're a good friend".
i will learn if a period goes before quotation marks or after. actually hold on, i'm at my mom's home i'm gonna learn that now.
ok a period goes after the quotation marks when you're ending a sentence so the previous sentence is correct and i'm on the right track. FUCK YEAH!
i'm gonna stop using the word FUCK all the fuckin time cause it makes me sound fuckin retarded and like i don't have a fuckin vocabulary (monday, ok?)
i'm gonna learn if a fuckin question mark goes after or before the end of a parenthesis. ok, my mom said i had it down ok but i need a period at the end of the previous sentence.
i'm gonna use spell check more often.
i'm gonna try to be nicer to hippies. however, i will never tolerate the smell of patchouli , i have asthma and it isn't fucking cool you damn shithead hippies.
i will try and pay my bills on time.
i will seek psychological help for all my phobias and freak outs.
i will try and get to know some guru and try and learn some breathing exercises so i'm not constantly wanting to kick everyones ass.
i will try and be more humble. this may take a few years but i'm gonna start trying this year.
i will stop trying to convince artists that they are usually full of shit. i'm sure most artists already know that.
i will try and control my beard a bit more, i'm sure it doesn't look cool when you're sitting there trying to have a serious conversation with me and you can't help staring at the tzatziki dripping down my beard.
i will eat more vegetables. hopefully this will cut down on shit time. GROSS, but helpfull.
fuckin spellcheck isn't working on this bitch so i'm either gonna have to learn to spell or use this fucker.
i will drink more guinness beer and jack daniels shots cause my stomach doesn't get all screwed up afterwards.
i will drink more water.
i will paint my motorcycle cause it's getting all rusty.
i will stop wearing the same clothes for months at a time.
i will stop being lazy and start picking up the coins that fall out of my pockets.
i will stop kicking cabs when i'm on my motorcycle and they do something stupid and race by me at 100 mph cause i now know that i can get hurt too.
i will start pissing on cars that are parked in handicap zones or when they block pedestrian crossings.
i will stop watching movies every night and then going around acting like i'm billy the kid or butch cassidy or kermit or even fuckin daisy duke.
i will not listen to new age music.
i will figure out how to clean my glasses so i'm not walking around like a gorilla in the mist.
i will try to find "healthier" role models rather than looking up to outlaws, losers and wu tang clan.
i will stop buying popcorn, nachos, gummi bears, chocolates, cokes and gummi kirschen every damn time i go to the movies.
i will try and control myself when i'm out at da club and some crazy heavy raggamuffin song comes on and i start dancing around like a fifteen year old girl who just hit the club circuit for the frst time.
i will start trying to dress like an adult and not like a 14 year old skater, maybe.
i will stop saying things like "yeah well, i'm fuckin 200 pounds" when i'm closer to 220.
i will stop watching lost cause i'm lost.
i will stop buying books, thinking that i'm actually gonna read them when all i do is just sniff their pages and engage in conversations with people whom have actually read the fuckin things.
i will stop buying the catcher in the rye every chance i get.
i will stop trying to explain to my dad that the internet is not his website.
i will not claim that the first record i bought was some obscure punk band when it was actually the smurfs and my favorite song was "oh when the smurfs come marching in, oh when the smurfs come marching in".
i will not claim that i grew up with my parents blasting hendrix on the stereo when they were blasting the gambler by kenny rogers, glastra kai zoumbouli by, i think, theodorakis and some willie nelson, waylon jennings and o mormolis.
i will not act like i'm all open minded and progressive when i'm actually pretty fucking conservative and old school.
fuck this shit,
this list is getting way too long. WTF?
i'm going to sleep!
the only thing i can hope for is health to everyone, i know shit happens, i know things get hard as hell, BUT!!
just pray in your own way and don't listen to new age music, it's boring and pathetic and i don't know, SUCKY.


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