well pitsirikos came by today, told me i should post more shit, said he likes the blog; so i guess i'm gonna keep on postin', even though, my life is complete shit, chaotic and i'm the laziest fuck you're ever gonna meet and i don't read blogs myself and i hate seeing my stuff on the internet cause, for fucks sake, m hulot's monitor is so damn pink that it makes the people in my pictures look like pigs and that doesn't help cause, you know, i already have the reputation of the photographer who doesn't make people look good and cause you may already get that i'm kinda grammatically challenged and cause i'm computer challenged and cause i hated the way this thing looked initially so i cried til spyros v.j and m hulot fixed my damn blog the way i kinda wanted it so here is a picture of a model i photographed for BSB a while back and i have no idea why this pic is on my desktop.
oh and,

i'm just fuckin' with ya

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