ok i admit i'm a lazy motherfucker and i haven't posted shit for about 20 years cause, like i've said before, my life is terribly boring and other than being run over by a bus, my house flooding and me losing everything, being hit by a car and flying 50 meters in the air and landing on my head, vice magazine coming out, i'm the director of it alongside m hulot, i was waiting for those fucking anarchists to do something so i can feel some excitement! well; the anarchists pussied out this year and i was sitting there saying, " ok it's the 6th of december they are gonna go crazy" then it was the 7th and now, it's the 8th, i think, and all i got was this fucking vandal shit again.
fuck you!
much ado about nothing.
i guess they were right,
once you go black you never go back.
black block my ass.

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