remember a while back you kept on seeing pictures of danae that i took? well now vbs, vice's tv found her and did a close up on her with the help of bjorn borg who by the way sent us a shitload of underwear and i was like, ok, nice, another gift from some company trying to kiss ass! but then!!! i tried them on !!!! fuck it man, seriously, the best underwear i ever put on. i kept on wondering, how did they get this shit so perfect, my balls feel good, my cock looks huge and my flabby fat rolls stay in place. shouldn't have doubted a man who ran around a tennis court with balls flying around all day long, he knows balls, i should've known! shoulda trusted.

check out danae guys, maybe if we all go and eat with her our flabby fat rolls won't have to stay into place and we can focus on our balls!!! (and huge cocks)

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