ERECTIONS! sorry, i meant ELECTIONS!

ok my lazy ass hasn't posted anything about the elections but i was almost certain that this guy was going to win. as soon as the socialists won i was like "you've got to be kidding! what the fuck?" come on guys, we remember everything our ancient ancestors did, we claim we are of their genes yet we forget that shithead's dad fucked greece up way more than bush ever fucked up the u.s, and before all you communists freak out on my ass, trust me the u.s is still a functional country despite bush's ass rape, greece is more "fuckuall" than "functional". oh, that's m hulot between the guys legs. i don't know what he's doing there but i'm pretty sure the guy had his dick hanging out and was yelling "fuck you retards, suck my huge white cock, you deserve what's coming!!!"

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