the other day i was at the breeder gallery, by far, probably the only gallery in athens that really has their shit together. hope and a bunch of other greek artisits have a show up and it's worth the visit if you want to escape the chaos and desperation in peoples eyes, which, i don't know about you, but for me has a tremendous affect on my psyche. i cracked up with hope cause he let me know that a few months back he had put on a performance at six dogs. i showed up, kissed him, paid my respect and then got lost in the crowd watching his art unfold. without me knowing i sat next to the videographer that was recording the performance. a few days later hope and his crew sat to watch and edit the video; as they watched, all of a sudden, they heard my voice telling some people that were just showing up "so, i see you came to watch this pretentious bullshit too."
i love HOPE.

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