few days back i got into a bit of an argument with someone from vogue, not the greek one. basically they were praising a cover which made me want to puke and seemed like some commercial crap with ultra shitty styling and a ridiculous dress by dolce & gabanna. if you know me you know that i love screwing with fashion people, especially when they consider that they're doing something great and important. (thank you THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA for making every shitty person in the fashion industry feel like they are doing something relevant! you suck.) anyway, the dude i got into this argument with on twitter had no idea that i actually shoot fashion and probably checked my profile and thought they'd teach me a bit about the industry. one of the comments they made was " when you become editor of vogue then you can speak." of course my reply was that i really don't aspire to EVER be an editor of vogue. imagine that, vogue which is losing money out the ass and crippling conde nast with it's ridiculous over budgeted productions, for some fools is still considered an important periodical.
funny thing! last night i got a call from a vogue stylist, not greece, asking me to do an editorial for them; which of course will never happen after this post but! fuck it, it doesn't matter.
now don't get me wrong! there is french vogue which is great, vogue nippon, japan, also great, and of course vogue russia which rocks;

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