growing up i used to watch this guy on t.v, he was on a show called aparadektoi and it was funny as hell; he played alongside one of the coolest greek motherfuckers ever, vlasis bonatsos. well, as you can understand i was pretty excited to meet him. at the time aparadektoi was on air things in greece seemed quite promising. the magazines were great, the nightlife was the best in the world, hands down, and it seemed like greece and greeks were getting somewhere. that was then!

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sam said...

i saw "aparadektos" in my dream one night. it was like a movie. and during the following day I saw him 3times (we had our coffee in the same neighbourhood) and still din't have the courage to talk to him just to say "I saw you in my dream".and now i see him in your blog!
tyxaio... den nomizw...hah!

bottomline, i'm so glad you are back freddie. you and your freddiepics.


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