i love these type things, i don't know what you would call them, little inspiration corners i suppose. i don't know exactly why i like them, maybe it's cause all the inspiration for me happens in my head and i don't fill up my walls with things that inspire me or touch me or anything for that matter. i don't have a single picture on my walls. i think about it, but i never actually end up putting up a picture. i also like pictures that are crowded as fuck, i remember someone telling me that minimal was not a part of my vocabulary. "you're a maximal photographer", he meant that my frames are full of shit. uh huh, i guess i am, i remember as a child looking at photos i tried to completely lose myself in the pictures, i used to look for books that the subject read, the brand of cigs they smoked, if there was any drug stuff laying round like bongs, mirrors, razors. these pics say quite a bit. they are from a rock n roll recording studio. oh, and i fucking love ZZ TOP!!!!!!!

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