WHEN DOVES CRY (purple rain)

just moved into a new apartment. it's off of syggrou avenue. if you're not familiair with the area it's where all the cross dressing trannies do their business after dark. so, there is plenty of cock around if you get horny at night and wish to find some. last night there were 3 trannies hooking outside my door. it was round 12 midnight, and one of the clients i guess got kinda confused and walked into my apartment building, they use the next door building to fuck in i guess, and so when i walked in carrying my huge boxes he freaked out and started sweating and trying to hide. it was strange. then as the transvestites engaged in meaningful conversation, this little boy scout came skipping outta nowhere and into my apartment.
it was strange too.
the painter decided to paint one of the apartment walls purple.
i don't know why,
that's strange!
there was an icon in the house, it's great and looks good on the purple wall.

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