the other day we went to bjorn borg with alkisti. we love bjorn borg cause, other than the fact that the underwear is very comfortable if you have huge balls, they send us free underwear and it's very loud, gay and just straight up gangsta queer.
anyway, on the way there we saw a chocolate bee, a tag i did back in 1980, F 1980 which i had to change in 81 cause it was just outdated, the colors have lasted though, a salon to make us more beautiful, a van which said either "BUTCHER" on it, cool, or "BUT HER", even cooler, new colorful underwear and GOD!
we saw GOD!
and you know what?
all that hollywood bullshit that has made us believe that he's some old man with long beard and shit?
GOD is a gigantic kid who could step on you and crush you like an ant.
i'm not sure what he was doing in peristeri but if you look at what he's wearing i think he may be here for easter.
or he's just a pimp.

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