Cheap power addicts, purveyors of the poor
Drinking and sharing terror,
Over a nation fed on leftovers
Until the next day returns
Communication problems
Processing images
Familiar hangovers
(Caused by) the noise of authority
While young data readers
And pilgrims of the middle class
Matching key tags
About land rescue operation
A slow process tribulation
Or undergraduate misdirection
With a million hits, alert from another source
Things incomplete, the readers spot
Mental space limits in minor chords
Parabolic surveillance, superimposed
The same problem, I always was
But, none of them
Resonant names or free press jerks
Fraternizing another dynastic civil war
Sensitivity lost, tongue and heart, synchronicity lost
Restrained appetite, insanity reigns
On a pulp landscape; we cum as one
The walls close in; we can’t escape
On a rotten landscape; we die as one
Remember: things don’t bleed, only harmony seeds
Playful affairs like fast repetition on silent waves
Or like a sudden glimpse gone beyond the clouds
We observe the signs, the colors, the lines
And there we draw the picture
Linked, but not near
In grey morning shades
Across places of our beloved low land_
Αυτό είναι το κομμάτι

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