ok so this blogging thing is kinda creepy and weird. i don't know if it's a good thing, i certainly don't have that much to say, not on a daily basis. what's strange is that blogs have given you loads of opinions, tons of people express themselves thru a blog, the media suck balls anyway and lie, so you would expect to get info faster, truer and not cut down to incoherent little bits.
but! seriously now, have you ever met a blogger?
you know that really bad thing that happens when you finally meet one of your heroes and they suck?
well meeting bloggers is way worst!!!! most i've met are social retards that can only express themselves thru keyboard and monitor and basically live for their blog.
what happens is you have all these completely fucked up psychotic nerds who go out every nite simply so they can post shit on their blogs, then less cooler morons are like "fuck man, this dude is so cool" and then you have that moron tell all his nerd friends, that don't get laid, about the blog and suddenly the dorkiest, nerdiest sociopath of the class is getting all this attention by all these lesser nerds that live thru these blogs and the nerds keep on creating little moments to show their followers that they are living the life and things end up with some mass murder, suicide, orgy, sacrifice, ritual at everest at 2 in the morning.
trust me bloggers are fucking CCCCCRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAzY!!!

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